David Bowie’s Lazarus Music Video Teaser


David Bowie is coming back with his new album, ★ (Blackstar), available in digital and physical stores on January 8th, the day of Thin White Duke’s 69th birthday.

The lead single was just ★ (Blackstar), song used for the opening title of the new crime tv show The Last Panthers, a track of ten minutes with a particular music video in which you can see all the many Bowie faces:

I won’t to pause on this song at the moment, I will talk about that and the others included in the album on January 8th, with a review of Blackstar.

The second single is called Lazarus and it takes the name from the off-Broadway production on scene in the last month at the New York Theatre Workshop with Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under) as Lazarus. This production is a Bowie and Enda Walsh idea, directed by Ivo van Hove, a sort of sequel of The Man Who Fell On Earth (1976), the movie directed by Nicolas Roeg in which Bowie plays the role of the alien Thomas Jerome Newton.

 Lazarus music video teaser appeared on Bowie’s official Facebook page few hours ago, only two days before the music video premiere.

Check it out HERE

We can see Bowie with the same blind fold of Blackstar music video, laid in a bed of an asylum, keeping the dark and mystic vibe of the first single.

One thing is sure, schizophrenia and madness are two recurrent situations in Bowie’s life and songs, since 70s and before The Man Who Fell On Earth shootings and brought them on also in Berlin trilogy (Low, “HEROES” and Lodger albums) and 1. Outside album (1992). Bowie revealed he has always been fascinated by madness and thought to suffer of schizophrenia since from his mother side there were this kind of events for example from one of his aunts.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the premiere of Lazarus music video and are thinking about its meaning, listen to the full song and watch the performance of Michael C. Hall at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

I think Michael C. Hall has been a great show for this production, not only because he’s an amazing actor but his voice while he’s singing reminds me of Bowie’s.

Do you like David Bowie?

What do you think about this new project?

Have you had the pleasure to attend Lazarus show?


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  1. ben1674 says:

    David Bowie is awesome. I’m more into his classics of the 80’s and especially the period of “Let’s dance”, “China Girl” and other “This is not America”.I find it awesome that he’s back with a new project. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the pleasure to attend Lazarus show.


    1. irenek90 says:

      China Girl was written in 1976 with Iggy Pop and it’s included into The Idiot album of Iggy Pop, released in 1977 then Bowie recorded it later as cover for Let’s Dance album (1983).
      There are so many great albums also in 90s and in 2000s, like Black Tie White Nose, The Buddha Of Suburbia, 1. Outside, Hours, The Next Day.
      He’s an amazing artist and there’s a huge world in what you wrote and composed.
      Me neither 😦 I really wished it was an European tournee of Lazarus 😦


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