Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake


Hello guys,

it’s always me, Irene, the admin of Louder Than Love blog and in honor of the first year of my Tokio Hotel blog, I decided to open this one too, completely dedicated about music since it’s my biggest passion.

I really hope to work on both in the same way, on February I move in Milan for following a master in publishing and music production, almost a year ago I graduated in music at Uni and can’t wait to start this new experience in a new city, even though I know it pretty well.

I will definitely talk a lot about this master and my classes over here but there will be space for CDs and concerts reviews, opinions and sharing of new artists I’ve known around the web or I met personally during my internship back in Autumn 2014.

Music will be the owner of this blog with its power, its strength and its magic, I always consider it as my best friend, the one will never betray me. Just like Friederich Nietzsche said “Without music, life would be a mistake” and that’s for this reason I picked these words as motto of this blog and also as title of this presentation post.

If you love music just like me, this is the right place.

Enjoy your stay ♥





2 Comments Add yours

  1. ben1674 says:

    It’s such a great news that you open a new blog to talk about music in general! I also couldn’t live without music!


    1. irenek90 says:

      Thanks so much for following me also over here, I thought about a blog like that for a very long time, to have a place where I could talk about what I love the most and express my opinions. Enjoy your stay ❤


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