Composer And Conductor Pierre Boulez Dies At 90


I’ve just read the news and I’m so sad to know a great composer and conductor as Pierre Boulez has died. Doesn’t matter he was almost 91, he was one of the most important figures of music history and I really appreciated his last words: “I wanna say one thing to the young people of today: try to always be yourself, because if you follow the trends, every two years you will be dated“.

The composer and conductor died this morning in Baden-Baden (Germany) where he retired for a while.

I had the pleasure to know about him during my Uni course of studies and I’ve listened many compositions conducted by him and I have a CD of Stravinskij’s The Rite Of Spring and Petrushka works conducted by him.

I’d like to remember just few steps of his career like the conduction of Jean-Louis Barrault’s acting company, his compositions that after the Second World War revealed an original and sharp talent, the conduction of Wagner’s works at Bayreuth festival. how to forget the one of 1976 with Patrice Chéreau as director considered outrageous [HERE] and last but not least the conduction of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies.

Boulez founded the Ensemble Intercontemporain and IRCAM in Paris, two of the most important institutions of the esecution and the research of contemporary music.


Since I was impressed by his conduction of The Rite Of Spring in 2002 I wanna remember him in this way:

Good-bye Maestro!


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