Michael Jackson’s Thriller Gets It’s 30th Platinum Disc

[My Thriller’s 2 LPs copy, won in Summer 2014 by Linda Perry with other nine LPs + my Thriller’s CD copy]

30 times platinum disc. 30 million of copies sold in USA. It’s the new record of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller album that it already got the certification as the most selling album in music history.

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the association who certified the selling of albums in USA just revealed is the first time an album was certified for 30 times as platinum disc and this new record could be only of the album of records itself, Thriller.

It was November 1982 when it was released, produced by Quincy Jones and sold over 100 million of copies worldwide. Thriller received 8 Grammy Awards (another record) and stayed for 37 weeks at #1 on Billboard 200 (in which Thriller stayed for two years).

What about Thriller as single and its music video, the very first kolossal of music videos:: 14 minutes directed by John Landis cost over $760,000.

After 30 years, Thriller is still a revelation for quoting Epic (Thriller‘s record label) words.

What Michael Jackson created in 80s is more than a simple album, Thriller was and still is a worldwide phenomenon.

What’s your favorite Thriller song?


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  1. ben1674 says:

    My favorite “Thriller” song is………………………….”Thriller”! This song means a lot for me. Already the video : don’t forget that we were in the 80’s. Such a video at the time was totally unique, something enormous. And the song itself is a pure masterpiece.


    1. irenek90 says:

      Yeah, Thriller completely changed music history, not only as album but also in the concept of a music video. Michael Jackson’s ones were mini movies and it was a pleasure to watch them because they completely what the song talked about.
      Thriller has so many great hits, I love Human Nature, Beat It and Billie Jean. I really love the live performances of Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, there were a lot of energies. Of course Billie Jean ones were iconic but Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ had something of particular.
      Thriller is probably the first song I’ve heard of Michael and my mom had a poster of him just in that music video fixed on the door of her bedroom when she was young, it was the only one poster her mother let her fixed.


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