Happy Birthday David Bowie

Today is the 69th birthday of my myth, the man I consider a God for his art and influence in my life. Today is David Robert Jones birthday, better known as David Bowie.

I was really young when I started to listen to his music, thanks also Labyrinth movie, one of my favorite ever. I always dreamed to be Sarah for one day and can dance with Jareth, the King of Goblin.

That movie made me fell in love with David Bowie, actually I don’t remember how old I was when I watched that movie for a very first time, but I can say I follow Bowie since I have memory and he’s an important source of inspiration throughout my life.

I could spend hours talking about him and explaining why I love him but as I said more than once, it’s hard to find the right words for describing him because he’s beyond anything a human word can mean. Talking of that “He has already been here“is what the obstetrician exclaimed when David Bowie was born, at 10:59pm in Brixton, at number 40 of  Stansfield Road.

In each of his song there’s a huge world and you can only start to travel and discover it, this happens to me every time I listen to his songs, even if I’ve listened to them a million of times, there’s always something I missed and it’s a pleasure to find a shade maybe I didn’t notice first. Also when there’s no enough verses, the music is speaking.

There’s something you can’t touch that floats above Bowie’s music and everything he did, then the world started to do it. He’s always been able to create and recreate his style, not only physically but also musically. He never sounded boring and he made of a reversed bar of his song a mark in a new one or a repetition of a recorded mistake is became a melody.

That’s the power and the magic of Bowie and for this reason I realized my dream to talk about him in my graduation thesis, picking the Berlin trilogy (Low, “HEROES” and Lodger albums) as theme because I think it’s an important period of his life, more than Ziggy Stardust, for a simple reason: he was able to find the new language he was searching for meanwhile his life was falling down because of drugs. And these years will always be part of him, I can see and feel an echo in his last two works The Next Day and Blackstar more than in any other albums released after Lodger. That period completely changed him and it’s something you can’t forget. There’s a world into a world, and for this reason I think it’s his most interesting part of his life and career.

I really hope to can meet Bowie someday, I just wanna shake his hand and say him how much he means to me.

If I have a question I find an answer in his art.

This is my little collection, in this photo misses only some pins I have on my leather jacket
The Idiot and Low LPs are two of the ten vinyls I won thanks to Linda Perry contest on Summer 2014
The book near Jam magazine is from Bowie+Sukita exhibition I saw in Bologna (Italy) last year
This is my graduation thesis on Bowie’s Berlin trilogy

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