Pet Shop Boys Share New Song Called ‘Inner Sanctum’

Photograph by John Wright

Synth Brit pop duo Pet Shop Boys shared a new song, Inner Sanctum, that precedes their 13th album, Super, available on April 1st on digital and physical stores and in vinyl version too.

An important goal for the duo formed by Neil Tennant (main vocals, keyboards, occasional guitar) and Chris Lowe (keyboards, occasional vocals) that for over 35 years is making dance a lot of generations with hits like Always On My Mind, It’s A Sin and Heart and collaborated with a lot of artists like David Bowie in Hallo Spaceboy remix (1995).

The group announced a tracklist which includes a song called The Pop Kids (the official lead single). They also confirmed that the record will be produced by Stuart Price, the Grammy-winning electronic musician who worked on their 2013 album Electric. Price has worked with a range of high profile artists, such as Madonna, New Order and Kylie Minogue.

Inner Sanctum has a great disco atmosphere with just few words as complement. It’s a crescendo and an explosion of effects. Check it out below:

Pet Shop Boys are going to perform at Royal Opera House in London for four nights next July. Something of really special I wouldn’t miss if I was there.

This is the tracklist of the upcoming album:


The Pop Kids



The dictator decides


Inner sanctum


Sad robot world

Say it to me


Into thin air

What do you think of Inner Sanctum?

What’s your favorite Pet Shop Boys hit?


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