[Review] Forever Still’s Tied Down Debut Album


Finally I’m here ready to write the review about Forever Still’s Tied Down album, available on January 15 HERE

I’m a little bit in late, I know, but I was waiting for the bundle I ordered in which there were tons of amazing merchandising stuff I couldn’t miss.

My Tied Down bundle with signed CD, wirst-band, mirror, tote bag, tank top, poster, handwritten lyric sheet

I started to listen to Forever Still on February 2014, when the band started to follow me on Twitter and since I’m always happy if an indie artist or band follows me because I like to listen to new music and discover new artists, I followed them back and the great thing is that we immediately started to tweet, it wasn’t only an exchange of follow. I was curious to know more about this Danish band and Maja, the vocalist, told me a bit of them, saying I could download for free few songs and so I did it. Their music caught my attention since the beginning, I always loved female fronted band and I love how we kept in touch in the following weeks and months. We exchanged thoughts, ideas and I always gave them all my support because if someone is talented I feel it and I wish this person always nothing but the best. I started to buy their music and I have all their (signed EPs and the necklace. I asked them more than once to come in Italy because my wish was to see them live and also meet them, and on October 31, 2015 I had the wonderful chance to spend the whole day with them and attend their concert too. They are among the sweetest persons I’ve ever met in whole my life and it was like we were friends since forever.



With Forever Still before their concert in Pessano Con Bornago, near Milan on October 31st, 2015.

By the way, I’m gonna talk about them a lot in my next posts, don’t worry. Let’s focus on Tied Down album. It’s Forever Still’s first LP and I loved the idea of a concept album, divided in three parts (the first two were released in EPs too) and they are working on this project since 2014. “We knew from the beginning that our debut album had to be something special, so we decided to write a concept album. The overarching plot follows a suppressed individual struggling through depression, anxiety, worthlessness, and getting stronger in the process” told Forever Still in the October 2014 newsletter.

Scars is the opening song of the album and also the lead single. Immediately the listener is brought in the atmosphere described above. There’s an discomfort in the lyrics but at the same time a wish to escape.

I’ve tried so hard to become, what you wanted me to, but instead I’ve ended up being everything you wish I’m not

these verse can have a double interpretation. Is it good or bad don’t become what everyone else wish for us? “We found a creepy, flooded basement to be the perfect surroundings for a song like Scars” said the band talking about the music video.

Once Upon A Nightmare reminds a lot of Evanescence’s vibe especially from Fallen album, it’s such a catchy and powerful song in which our character is still fighting with her feelings and fears.

Miss Madness is a really emotional song and the character is already trying to change and to find a new way, leaving the past behind. The heart beating in the end of the track is something of really cool, especially when I listened the Scars EP for the very first time, you are like: “And now? I wanna know what’s going to happen then!”.

The Scars EP was the dark and dreary beginning and now our main character is moving on to the next stage.” told Forever Still in the April 2015 newsletter and this is what happens in Awake The Fire, second single of the album. There’s a turning point and a wish of revenge in the lyrics in contrast with the one included in Scars:

So tired of your voice, saying what I can or cannot do, every day

The music video is an alternation of scenes from the live performance of the band and a beautiful location at the sea, shot in LA, with a sunset that reminds the fire of the title. But I think the strong point is the end, with a recall to Scars music video.

In Breathe In the character understands what she went through and if that sense of fear starts to invade her she knows to just breathe in and scream. Maja proves once again to have a great control of her voice, especially in the growl parts, giving more energy to the song. This energy is calmed down by the only one ballad included into the album, Save Me, in which Maja’s voice is full of emotion. It’s a sort of call towards someone is probably not here anymore or is too far to reach, it’s not clear if is the same person who tore down our character or is another one, but the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and it can related to someone you love and you’ve lost. It’s definitely the song I reflect the most in.

The third and last part of this story opens with Your Light, if you know Forever Still for so many time just like me, you will remember of this song as one of the first they released in free digital download on their website.

It’s curious to notice how the lyrics of this song and the previous one are in contrast once again. If in Save Me, the character asks for help, here she apologizes for the pain this person is feeling “but you tearing me apart”. Even though it’s an old song, it perfectly connects with the concept of the whole album.

Alone starts like a ballad but then completely change its vibe after a bunch of bars and it’s one of the best tracks of the album, worthy to be included in the discography of the well-known artists in this music genre. In my opinion it deserves to be the next single, just after Break The Glass, third single with a music video almost ready to be shared online shot few days ago.

The lyrics show how much hard is life and how often we used to lie to people because probably we are the first to don’t know what exactly is going on in our life so we hide behind a mask, or in this case, behind a glass that has to be break up to can feel something.

The album closes with the title track (Tied Down). It’s another great song, the second one that deserves a little bit more attention (with Alone), I love the melody and how it’s been built up and also that’s a sort of letter from the character to who made her felt this way:

See what you’ve done to me, tried to break me, see all that I can be, when I’m not tied down

So Tied Down is definitely a great album, really professional, with a particular attention on details, like effects that guide the tracks. It literally brings you in a journey and makes you live what the character of the album is living and probably is also what everyone of us lived too, doesn’t matter if only in part or completely.

Buy Tied Down and Forever Still music HERE

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I interviewed Forever Still back in April 2014, you can check it HERE if you wanna know something more about them.


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