My David Bowie Is Experience

I know it’s been a while but I was pretty busy with my post-graduate degree and (unfortunately) I didn’t have so much time to dedicate also to this blog. Now I come back home for Summer and maybe I will write again some new posts over here ūüėČ

By the way last Saturday I was in Bologna for (finally) attending David Bowie IS exhibition. I was really really excited because I waited for three years this event arrived in Italy and after have leaf through the book dedicated to this exhibition so many times in last three years I couldn’t wait more….


MAMbo is really beautiful and with wide halls for giving the guests the best David Bowie Experience ever. Outside the museum you can see some Bowie most famous shoots.

It’s been a 360¬į experience with headphones on my ears during the visit, because you have the chance to listen to Bowie’s music or interviews everytime you walk in front a screen of a special section.

I spent almost three hours inside with my parents and I loved any single piece of his collection. It’s been so excited to see his most famous outfits and look at his songs written on the most unusual sheet of papers. There was a place for everything and each hall is dedicated to a period of his life: his early years, Space Oddity, Berlin period, Bowie as actor ect.

I have two favorite halls: the one dedicated to Berlin period and the hall with the most part of stage outfits (the last big section of the exhibition).

About the Berlin period hall, well, I dedicated my thesis to this period and obviously it’s one of my favorites… When I saw EMS Synthi used by Brian Eno and the koto played by Bowie I would have brought them home ūüėÄ beside that what caught my attention was the the bunch of keys of Bowie’s¬†apartment in Berlin at 155 Hauptstrasse in Schoeneberg.

The last big section of the exhibition was a high squared room, each wall was a screen and there were played Bowie’s photos or clips of his performances throughout the years. Some time some parts of the screen was lighted for revealing an outfit worn by Bowie: there were for example the Ziggy and Aladdine’s ones, the one of Rebel Rebel single cover and the red outfit worn during Glass Spider Tour. Outside the cases behind the screeens there were other outfits, like¬†these ones:

All around few cases that include sketches of Bowie personal projects for his tours.

What really moved me was when on a wall started to play an open air performance during A Reality Tour (2004), I was watching that wall/screen but in an instant it was like I was there, in the middle of that huge crowd and I was living the dream of my life: being in front row a David Bowie concert. I don’t know how I was able to keep my tears but I was pretty moved by this moment. Bowie was singing All The Young Dudes and then started Bang Bang performance during Glass Spider Tour (he was super hot with that hairstyle). I didn’t want to leave that hall because it was simply awesome!

The periodice table of Bowie I got at MAMbo

It’s been such an amazing experience, a dive in Bowie’s world. Something I will remember forever and I really hope to come back in Bologna one more time before the exhibition goes in Tokyo. And I hope also David Bowie Is turns a permanent exhibition somewhere.


David Bowie IS isn’t only a exhibition for die-hard and devoted fan like me but an occasion to discover an artist like him for so many people that maybe don’t know him so much. Thanks to this personal collection from David Bowie Archive you can see the perfect essence of this brilliant mind.


How many of you have seen David Bowie Is exhibition in the last three years around the Europe?


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