[WATCH] Britney Spears’ Make Me Music Video



On Friday night Britney Spears premiered Make Me music video causing some criticism from Britney Army. Why? Well, this music video isn’t the original one or the first take directed by David LaChapelle (he already worked with Britney for Everytime).

Britney herself shared some BTS photos on Twitter:

In the end of the aired video you can see some parts shot from the previous set (like the G-Eazy break and the final part in the screen).

Rumor has it the Britney and her team decided to re-shoot the music video due to the leak of some captures and clips from Make Me original shooting changing also the director: this time behind the camera there’s Randee St. Nicholas that worked with Britney as photographer during Femme Fatale era (2011).

Sources connected with LaChapelle tell TMZ Britney’s team rejected the video because they felt it was too sexy. Check a little clip HERE

We got a very different story from our Britney sources: the team was extremely disappointed with the video because it was utterly disjointed … pointless with no story line.

Other rumor has it that the original video will be aired as well soon like a second version (just like it happened for other two Britney’s smash hits like Overprotected in 2002 and Till The World Ends in 2011).

This is not the first time a music video from Britney has been re-shot or the concept has been changed: the first one was for Gimme More (2007) and then for Perfume (2013).


I’d like to leave all this drama apart and saying that I really like this music video as well. Britney is gorgeous and in a perfect shape. The concept is pretty nice: Britney and her girlfriends ask to Michael to join them on Saturday for what it will soon revealed as a casting for Make Me music video.

Britney told in some radio interviews, this new album is dedicated to women empowerment.

Enjoy Make Me music video:


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