Artist Spotlight: Julie Bergan


Wanna have someone new to listen to during this Summer? My advice is (if you don’t know her yet) to check Julie Bergan music.

She is a Norwegian pop singer and songwriter with an assertive and nimble vocal delivery. Julie is only 22 but participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2013, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 as the youngest contestant with the song Give a Little Something Back. She didn’t qualify from the semi-final but was noticed by Warner Music Norway and signed a contract with the label.

Just a year before she joined the Norwegian hip hop duo Cir.Cuz in Supernova single which hit #5 on the single charts in Norway.

Her debut single Younger was released in 2014.

I discovered her less than a hour ago while I accidentally clicked on a Spotify playlist and her new single Arigato started to play. It caught my attention for to have a fresh and catchy melody, perfect for this period of the year. A mid-tempo that warms up in the pre-chorus and in the refrain but it never explodes at 100% and maybe for this reason I like it because it’s different but at the same time you start to sing softly the verses.

I think she has a great potential and I hope to listen to other her songs soon.

If you are gonna have a beach party or you are driving somewhere for this Summer, don’t forget to put her songs in your mp3 player or stereo 😉

What do you think about Julie Bergan?

Check more about Julie Bergan on her official website:

Follow Julie Bergan on socials:


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