One Republic Release New Anthem ‘Kids’


This is definitely an amazing Summer with great melodies from the most part of the artists around the world: we have comeback, collaborations and new sonorities.

One Republic just released their new song, the lead single of their upcoming forth album. The song is called Kids and it has all what it takes for to be a hit.

The track soars with the pop stomp of their previous chart hits, but this time with colourful flourishes of electronica and a bit of falsetto from Ryan Tedder.

As an artist or musician, if you’re not poking or needling or pushing the envelope to see if it pops, you’re not doing it right. Whatever our sound is — and I don’t think we have a dyed-in-the-wool sound — this album is by far our most evolved.” – Ryan Tedder

I refuse to look back thinking days were better / Just because they’re younger days”, sings Ryan in OneRepublic’s new single which is about a man who thinks relationships at an older age can perfectly be just as intense as when you were younger. It’s all about taking care of the flame!

Listen to Kids on Spotify and let me know what you think:

Get Kids on iTunes


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