Album Of The Month: Britney Spears’ “Glory”

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With my Glory deluxe version

So today is the day!

Britney Spears released her 9th studio album called Glory and it’s such an amazing work.

I’m gonna write a review down below with my thoughts track by track following the “real” tracklist since in the physical version the tracklist has Do You Wanna Come Over? as track 2 and not as track 7, I don’t know why this change happened since Make Me… after Invitation had a sense but whatever…


It’s the great opening track for this glorious album. This is exactly the right word for this describe Britney’s new project. And Invitation has this atmosphere all around that brings you in an another dimension for almost a hour (the length of Glory deluxe edition). It’s really charming and after only 4 seconds I already loved it!

Here’s my invitation, baby, Hope it sets us free To know each other better, Put your love all over me, Here’s my invitation, baby, Come feel my energy, We give emotions to each other

Make Me… (ft. G-Eazy)

We know very well this song now and leaving apart all the drama for the music videomusic video, it’s an unusual lead single, a mid-tempo that keeps the same atmosphere of the opening track. G-Eazy makes his appearance in the bridge singing: “But I need you and I can take you/All the way and I’m able/To give you something sensational, so let’s go“. It’s the only collaboration of the whole album but Britney herself revealed that is pretty tough to work with other artists because the most of them act like divas so she prefers to work alone.

Private Show

First promotional single released for damping the await and it’s also the name of Britney’s last fragrance. It has a Southern sound that reflects Britney origins. The bridge is a lulu and the whole track has a fresh beat.

Even in Private Show when Britney thinks she and her lover might be sharing a moment of unmediated emotion, she notices there’s a crowd watching. So she says: “Guess that’s the end. Can we go again—do it all again? Nah, I’ll take a bow.

Man On The Moon

Britney’s voice turns robotic in the intro of the song but when she sobs “Houston, I know there’s a problem” I found a little-noted but intriguing affinities with David Bowie for outer space world. After Alien (included in Britney Jean, 2013) and previously the location of Oops! I Did It Again music video, also Britney seems attracted by the universe and the unknown. I love this song because it’s like it has a glimpse of all the tracks above plus something new.

Just Luve Me

It’s such a pearl and I hope it will be picked as next single. In the beginning rumors had it this song had to be a featuring with Justin Bieber and actually it reminds a bit of his sounds. The lyrics are sweet and Britney’s voice is clear and delicate.


For me this song was the best closing track for the standard. It has that kind of vibe and sonority.

Clumsy, Bangin’ all over this bedroom, C-clumsy, c-clumsy, Bangin’ all over this bedroom

The strong beat and and bluesy feel are something we haven’t heard from Britney before, and it is AMAZING! “Oops!” she playfully squeals, just before a sledgehammering beat kicks in. Holy Cow! I’m completely fell in love with it!

Do You Wanna Come Over?

This song rocks and makes me wanna dance all night long! It’s a great disco song and it seems an unreleased from Blackout album (a lot of fans said Glory is the third of the Holy Trinity albums released by Britney after In The Zone and Blackout. I couldn’t be more agree! Glory literally placed at #1 with the mentioned albums, they are my favs). Britney in this song is the leader, as she previously told in a radio interview this album is full of women empowerment and this song is a prove.

Slumber Party

It’s hard for me to choose the right words for describing this song because I simply love it. The percussion melody is on point and the dreaming caraibic atmosphere you breathe in this and other songs is magic. Does it remind of Hotline Bling just a little bit? In a beach and Summer way… I don’t know I had this feeling!

Just Like Me

This song is one of my favorite of this album. The intro with only Britney voice and a guitar is what I was waiting for ages. It’s simply magic! The bridge just like all the other ones of the previous tracks is never out of place. It can be a great single!

Love Me Down

It reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani style and a hint of Fergie too. A perfect combo for a fresh song. I wasn’t sure of the release date for this new album but after have listened to it I have to say that I was wrong: the sonorities are perfect for the last beach parties around bonfires and in general for this period of the year.

Hard To Forget Ya

The pre-chorus reminds me of some 80s songs, it has a great structure even though it doesn’t explode in the chorus as we could expect but the beat is really really good. Probably I would have put in bonus track section.

What You Need

It closes the standard version and it can be a good closing track because you don’t expect a song like that to close the album, it ends with a bang and I approve it even though Clumsy had the right traits for to close the whole album (at least the standard edition). But What You Need is particular and is a great song as well.


It’s sound is exotic like the most part of the songs and in my opinion it could be included in the standard version. Actually I don’t like to talk about bonus tracks since I usually buy deluxe editions of the albums for me they are official tracks at 100% and Britney’s bonus tracks are always really really great (do you remember The Answer, Phonography, He About To Lose Me and Hold On Tight? Just to name a few)

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

And this is another big surprise of this amazing album: Spanish sonorities and also a background speaking unfortunately is not Britney to speak the Latin language. It’s soft and strong at the same time. I just imagine this song playing on a beach or in an outdoor dancing platform meanwhile many couples are dancing to the rhythm of love. Oh wait, that was another song… whatever….


This song is a masterpiece. I didn’t hear something like this from Britney for so many years. Obviously the sound is completely new for her, we know that she loves to try and experiment new melodies. It could sound like a 90s hit and maybe for this reason I love it so much. It has something of dark, mysterious, strong, powerful and epic inside that I can’t get enough. It has a great potential… too bad it’s only a bonus track.

If I’m Dancing

It’s that kind of song that immediately reminded me of Janet Jackson meets  J.LO meets Alicia Keys. It has a really cool groove. It’s another atypical sound for Britney but with this album we learned she pushed herself literally on another level.

Coupure Electrique

The title translated in English means Blackout, just like Britney 5th album, but I will never ever expected she could sing in French. It’s the shortest track of Glory but the production is really high in my opinion. Just like Invitation the melody comes back intimate and of another dimension. It closes the circle in the perfect way!

For the next album I wanna listen to her singing in Italian, it would be brilliant!

Well after have listened to Glory I can say to expect ANYTHING from Britney. I follow her for almost 18 years now and I should have learned to know her but she’s always able to surprise me every time she releases a new album. A lot of people dislike her previous project but I think it’s a really good album with great songs but unfortunately it wasn’t treated in the right way. I feel the 9th era will be really GLORIOUS with Britney has a gladiator leading the path – with her music – of these last bunch of months before the end of a pretty unusual year.

Listen to Glory on Spotify:

What’s your favorite track?


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