30 Day Music Challenge

30 Days Song Challenge

Day 01 – A Song That Makes You Happy

Definitely Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake but I have to say also Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

Day 02 – A song that helps you clear your head

Probably In Perfect Harmony by Within Temptation, it’s one of their best songs in my opinion and it’s really relaxing. Sharon’s voice is perfect for this melody.

Day 03 – A song that makes you laugh

I don’t know why but it always makes me laugh, especially when David Bowie just sings the title of the song Rubber Band :p

Day 04 – A song that reminds you something sad

Michael Jackson songs are always so topical and Earth Song is definitely one of them, it always makes me think how human being can be so cruel and ruin the place where he lives without a way out.

Day 05 – A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it

ALL David Bowie songs! There’s a huge world in each one of them!

Day 06 – A song that you always relate to

With no doubt Für Immer Jetzt by Tokio Hotel. This song talks about me, it’s like it was written thinking of me. I love it since the day I’ve only read the title.

Day 07 – A song that is your guilty pleasure

I’m not a fan of Beyoncè but I really like I Was Here, I think it’s such a touching song and when I heard it for the very first time, when I was watching a Britney Spears fanmade video I thought it was really deep and reflected Britney’s story.

Day 08 – A song you liked when you were younger

I still like it. I loved AQUA when I was young, I remember when my parents or at the time Santa Claus got me their CD “Aquarium” (the Christmas edition) I was super happy. I didn’t care the most part of the melodies were almost the same. I also recorded a copy on a tape for listening to it in the car. I was obsessed. But I have to say some of their songs are really good just like this one, Turn Back Time from Sliding Doors movie.

Day 09 – A song that makes you want to dance

There are a lot of songs that makes me want to dance. I think the most part of Britney Spears and so many others. But probably I’m A Slave 4 U makes me wanna dance a little bit more than any others.

Day 10 – A song that makes you cry

My Heart Will Go On is THE song that ALWAYS makes me cry just like Titanic movie. I could watch it everyday and cry every single time.

Celine Dion has such a magic voice and in general she’s one of the few singers to make me move when I listen to her songs.

Day 11 – A song that reminds you of Summer

There are so many but every time I listen to Jennifer Lopez’s Waiting For Tonight I think about Summer. It has that kind of vibe.

Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your best friend

Ok I have two! I Will Be There by Britney Spears and I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera. I dedicated the first one to my best friend Elena and she dedicated to me the second one. So every time I listen to both of them I think about her.

Day 13 – A song that you sing to in the shower

I don’t usually do it though sometimes I sing randoms songs that are playing in my mind :p they can be the hits of the moment or also songs that I don’t like at all but they are fixed in my mind in such a stressing way 😀

Day 14 – A song you like hearing live

Too many! But I loved Rammstein concert I attended in 2013 and all the songs they performed that night especially Ohne Dich because is probably my favorite song of them and hearing it live it was even more magic than the album version.

Day 15 – A song people wouldn’t expect you to like

Probably Young And Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. I’m not a fan of her but I really like this song and the melody. I also like Summertime Sadness, especially the cover Within Temptation made few years ago.

Day 16 – A song that holds a lot of meaning to you

I think is one of the best songs ever

It’s never boring and even if I listen to it for over 10 years is like the first time. The song has a really deep meaning and the live version is even more awesome and eargasmic.

Day 17 – A song that annoys you

There are so many, like the usual Summer hits that are always the same like Alvaro Soler songs and similar. They are constantly aired on the radio and it’s pretty boring.Day 18 – A song that you have as ringtone

Since I have to sim cards I have two different ringtones so I know who’s calling me :p

Girl Got A Gun by Tokio Hotel and California High by BILLY 😉

Day 19 – A song you are currently obsessed with

Definitely Liar by Britney Spears from her new album Glory. I simply love this song, it’s catchy and it always charges me up. I love the lyrics, the melody, the vibe.

Day 20 – A song from a new album you are waiting for come out

At the moment I’m waiting for , and new albums

Day 21 –  A song you want to dance to at your wedding

Actually I never thought about a playlist, obviously there are some I would like to play at my wedding and Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody is definitely one.

Day 22 – A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

I don’t know, it’s tough because isn’t easy to find the right song that talks about your own life but I think Dream by Imagine Dragons can express enough the sense.

Day 23 – A song that makes you angry

I really don’t know… Usually I listen to some songs when I’m angry and they make me feel better… if I dont like a song I dont listen it.

Day 24 – A cover song

There are a lot of cover songs I really like but I think this is one of my favorite ever. I had the pleasure to attend Anastacia concert on October 2014 in Milan and even though she was sick she made a brilliant show and also sung AC/DC cover’s Back In Black.

Day 25 – An acoustic song you love

With no doubt Tokio Hotel’s Automatisch. I think it reflects even better the meaning of the lyrics:

Day 26 – A song by your favorite band

Since I have two favorite bands… I picked Masquerade by Tokio Hotel, one of my favs from their last album and then I picked Utopia by Within Temptation, one of the most touching songs they ever wrote.

Day 27 – A song you made fun of

Actually I really don’t know….

Day 28 – A song that reminds you of your boyfriend

This beautiful and touching song by J.LO is dedicated to the person I love with all my heart.

Day 29 – A song currently stuck in your head

I don’t know why but I have this song playing in my head right now. I love Mary J Blige and Tiziano Ferro voices in Each Tear

Day 30 – A song that you havent listened to in a while

Definitely A Little Pain by Olivia Lufkin, one ongs included into NANA anime